Announcing the Emerging Artist Prize 2024

We are thrilled to unveil the International Emerging Artist Prize 2024, a prestigious award designed to spotlight and celebrate the brilliance of emerging artists from across the globe. This initiative aims to foster the careers of burgeoning talents, offering them unparalleled opportunities to elevate their artistry, connect with a wider audience and take their artistic career to the next level.

What’s in Store?

Grand Prize: The overall winner will be awarded a $2,000 USD cash prize, several solo exhibition opportunities (both physical at our Art Fair partners and virtual through, and a gallery representation by Bakerhouse Gallery from Austria. Bakerhouse Gallery is the largest Urban, Street and Pop Art Gallery in Europe.

Category Winners: Artists specializing in Painting, Photography, and Mixed Media will enjoy their own set of rewards, including group exhibitions at Art Fair partners, virtual solo exhibitions on, and lifetime subscriptions to Choice Award: This accolade will provide a virtual exhibition on, a physical exhibition at Art Fairs, and a lifetime subscription.

Shortlist Prizes: Six artists will be shortlisted across all categories, with category winners emerging from this talented pool. Shortlisted artists will be featured in a group exhibition at Bakerhouse Gallery, an online exhibition on, and receive exciting prizes from our Partners along with certificates.

Eligibility and Criteria

Open to artists aged 18+, the prize seeks individuals at the outset of their artistic careers. Whether you’re freshly graduated from an art-related program or self-educated, if you haven’t yet gained significant recognition or exhibited extensively on an international scale, the emerging artist prize is your platform.

A Diverse and Expert Jury

Entries will be evaluated based on potential, innovative ideas, message relevance, and skillful execution by a panel of industry professionals. The prize is not just about the art itself but the story, the experimentation, and the growth behind it.

Participation and Application Fee

The application process opens on April 1st, and we encourage artists working in various mediums, including painting, photography, mixed media, and other innovative forms of expression, to apply. The application fee is essential for supporting the operational costs of the prize, ensuring a sustainable platform for artists to showcase their work and making sure each applicant will be carefully reviewed by our expert Jury.

Stay tuned for more detailed information in the coming days and weeks. This is more than a competition; it’s a launchpad for emerging talent on the international art scene. Join us in this exciting journey to discover, celebrate, and elevate the next generation of artists.

For further details and updates, visit the Emerging Artist Prize wesbite here:

Learn more about our Main Partner for the Art Prize, Bakerhouse Gallery, here:

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