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Be part of Germany’s most important fair for up-and-coming contemporary art!

Galleries, art projects, professional artists and art photographers are invited to apply to take part in the Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt 2024. As the only art fair of the German financial capital, the 7th edition of the art fair will present a wide range of international contemporary art at the Frankfurt fairgrounds from October 31st to November 3rd.

Among art-interested public and experts the Discovery Art Fairs have long been established as platforms for the discovery of international and emerging contemporary art. The economical booth prices and booth sizes starting from 10 sqm ensure that young and up-and-coming artists, art projects and galleries alike can gain access to the international art market and participate actively in the international art scene.

The immense economic strength and purchasing power of Germany’s banking metropolis on the one hand, and its high reputation in terms of art on the other, make Frankfurt the ideal location. The region of Frankfurt/Rhine-Main is home for 5.5 million people with the highest income in Germany. Due to its impressive variety of museums and galleries, renowned collections, the Städel School of Fine Arts, but also through a lively off-scene, Frankfurt has rightly earned a reputation as a city of art.

Apply now if you would like to present your program in one of Europe’s most financially strong markets, as part of the only art fair of the banking metropolis Frankfurt.

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Pictures by Thomas Gessner & Holger Peters

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