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Identifying artworks through scanning them has become more accessible with the revolutionary artwork image recognition technologies from offers a web application and online platform, which provides a comprehensive solution for identifying and managing artworks.

Here’s how you can use to scan and identify your artworks or artworks at exhibitions which partner with

1. Getting Started with

  • Visit If you are at an exhibition which partners with, start by navigating to the website from your smartphone and click on “Scan Artworks”. Select the exhibition where you want to scan artworks at.

2. Using the Scanning Feature

  • Access the Scanning Tool during exhibitions: After selecting the exhibition where you want to scan artworks to identify them, click on “Scan Artworks” and start scanning artworks directly with the web application. Point your phone directly at the artwork you want to identify.

3. Image Recognition Process

  • Real-Time Detection:’s image recognition technology identifies artworks in real-time. Once you scan an artwork to identify it, the system processes it to recognize the artwork without the need for you to click on anything or actively do anything.
  • High Accuracy: The platform uses multiple recognition AIs and extensive preprocessing to ensure high accuracy in identifying artworks which you are scanning.

4. Interactive and Multi-Artwork Scan Capabilities

  • Single and Multiple Scans: Whether you are scanning a single artwork or multiple artworks at once, provides the flexibility to identify each piece accurately directly through the web application.
  • Engage with Art: After identifying the artworks, users can select and explore more details about each piece, including Audio or Video descriptions if made available by the artist, fostering a deeper interaction with the art.

5. Additional Features on

  • Collection Management: Beyond scanning artworks for identification, offers tools for managing art collections, including quality assurance and fake artwork detection. For further information about these tools, contact
  • Digital Integration: Link the scanned artworks to online profiles, shops, or websites for easy access and potential purchase.

Why Choose stands out for its user-friendly, cost-effective, and highly accurate image recognition capabilities. It transforms how artists, galleries, collectors, and art enthusiasts interact with and manage artworks. By bridging the gap between physical and digital art experiences, enhances accessibility and engagement within the art world and helps visitors of art exhibitions identify artworks easily through artwork image recognition.

For more information on how can help you identify and manage artworks, visit our website.

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