The 2023 Florence Biennale Visitor Award Winners

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We are excited to present to you the winners of the 2023 Florence Biennale Visitor Award powered by

Almost 30.000 Artwork scans from 2433 Web Application users were registered by during the XIV Edition of the biannual exhibition in Florence, Italy. With the visitor award, which was held for the second consecutive time, and the Florence Biennale honor the 3 most scanned artworks by visitors.

At the XIV Edition, 563 Artists submitted 1711 Artworks to which were entered in the run for the visitor award.

The Winner of the 2023 Florence Biennale Visitor Award:

Hector Acevedo

Artwork Title: “The Last Flight”

Mixed technique (oil and acrylic) on canvas, created in 2023.

Artwork Description: Saint Michael the Archangel, head of the heavenly army, is illustrated by Christian iconography as a victor in the fight against the forces of evil, represented by the dragon or the serpent. In Acevedo’s artworks, the Archangel is the representation of human nature in an existential struggle, the battle is not fought in heaven but in the heart of each individual. It is not always the light that prevails but the darkness from which the ghost of war arises. The defeat of the Archangel is the defeat of humanity and the destruction of the environment.

More information about Hector Acevedo:

Florence Biennale Visitor Award Winner by Hector Acevedo

Second Place of the 2023 Florence Biennale Visitor Award:

Dale Bagtas

Artwork Title: “Redemption of Humanity”

Mixed Media, Acrylic , Gold Leaf, created in 2023

More information about Dale Bagtas:

Florence Biennale Visitor Award Winner by Dale Bagtas

Third Place of the 2023 Florence Biennale Visitor Award:

Irina Biatturi

Artwork Title: “Terrasse à Florence”

Oil on canvas, created in 2023.

Artwork Description:

Irina Biatturi’s oil painting is a stunning masterpiece that captures the essence of elegance and timeless beauty. In this artwork, a beautiful lady is the central figure, adorned in a breathtaking white dress that flows gracefully around her. She stands on a terrace that offers a captivating view over the city of Florence.

The backdrop of the painting showcases the iconic Duomo of Florence, one of the city’s most renowned landmarks. This architectural marvel rises majestically against the Florence skyline, creating a striking contrast with the lady’s elegant presence.

The style of the painting is strongly influenced by Art Deco, characterized by its geometric shapes, bold lines, and a sense of modernity. Irina Biatturi’s use of this style adds a unique and sophisticated touch to the artwork.

This particular painting was created as a special piece for the 2023 Florence Biennale, making it a notable and collectible work of art. It beautifully combines the classic beauty of Florence with the timeless allure of Art Deco, resulting in a visually captivating and emotionally resonant composition.

More information about Irina Biatturi:

Florence Biennale Visitor Award Winner by Irina Biatturi

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