Transforming Travel Exhibitions with A Case Study of Success

In the dynamic world of art exhibitions, the integration of technology not only enhances visitor engagement but also revolutionizes how exhibitions are managed and experienced., with its innovative web application and image recognition technology, has proven to be a game-changer in this field, particularly in travel exhibitions. This article explores how has transformed the experience of travel exhibitions, with a focus on a recent successful implementation at a major exhibition featuring 100 works of famous photographer Steve McCurry in Vienna.

Revolutionizing Exhibition Experiences with

Travel exhibitions, which often span multiple locations and feature a variety of artists and themes, require a robust system to manage and present artworks effectively. offers a comprehensive solution that caters to every phase of exhibition management—from submissions and marketing before the event to real-time analytics and post-event follow-ups.

Before the Exhibition: Streamlining Submissions and Marketing simplifies the submission process, allowing exhibitors to easily upload all relevant details about the artworks and artists they are showcasing. This standardized data becomes a powerful tool in the hands of exhibition organizers, enhancing PR and marketing efforts by providing easily accessible and standardized information about exhibitors.

During the Exhibition: Enhancing Visitor Interaction and Sustainability

At the heart of’s impact is its web application, which eliminates the need for QR codes and physical price tags or information signs. Visitors can scan artworks using their smartphones to access digital information seamlessly. This not only enriches the visitor experience but also supports sustainability by reducing the use of paper-based materials such as flyers, signs and brochures.

Additionally, opens new avenues for advertisement, allowing exhibition partners to feature on artwork detail pages or the main exhibition page, creating added value for sponsors.

After the Exhibition: Gaining Insights and Driving Sales

Post-event, provides detailed analytics compliant with GDPR, offering insights into exhibitor performance and visitor behavior. This data is crucial for understanding engagement levels and refining future exhibitions. Moreover, by sharing a list of scanned artworks with visitors, significantly increases the potential for sales and contact requests after the event, enhancing overall exhibitor and artist visibility.

A Showcase of Success: The Steve McCurry Exhibition in Vienna

A recent testament to the effectiveness of during travel exhibitions is the Steve McCurry exhibition held in Vienna in the Summer and Fall of 2023. Over just 10 weeks, the exhibition attracted 25,000 users of the web application, resulting in 471,000 artwork scans. 76% of the visitors of the exhibition were actively using to learn more about exhibited artworks. This not only demonstrates the user-friendliness of the technology but also underscores its capability to handle large-scale and high-profile events effectively.

Gottfried Eisenberger, the founder and CEO of, remarked on the success, highlighting the significant interest and inquiries from event organizers worldwide following the exhibition. This response from both the public and professional communities illustrates the robustness and adaptability of in meeting the diverse needs of the global art exhibition sector.


As the art world continues to evolve, technologies like are at the forefront, driving significant improvements in how art is exhibited, experienced, and managed. The success of the Steve McCurry exhibition in Vienna is just one example of how can enhance the visibility of artworks and streamline exhibition management, proving that the future of art exhibitions is digital. Through, exhibitors, artists, and visitors enjoy a more interactive, informative, and sustainable experience, marking a new era in the exhibition of travel exhibitions.

To learn more about how can transform your (travel) exhibition, visit our Exhibition Information page.

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