The Emerging Artist Prize 2024

At, we are passionate about discovering, nurturing, and promoting emerging talent in the art world. It’s with great excitement that we announce the International Emerging Artist Prize 2024, a prestigious award designed to celebrate and elevate the careers of aspiring artists from around the globe. This initiative is at the heart of our mission to offer a platform that not only recognizes artistic excellence but also provides life-changing opportunities for professional growth.

Why This Artist Prize Matters

In an art world that can often seem impenetrable and daunting, the International Emerging Artist Prize stands as a beacon of opportunity. This competition is tailored to artists who are on the cusp of a promising career, offering not just recognition, but a tangible boost to their artistic journey. Here’s why you should be part of this extraordinary opportunity:

  • Global Exposure: Winners and shortlisted artists will benefit from extensive exposure through virtual and physical exhibitions, showcasing your work to an international audience of art lovers, collectors, and industry professionals.
  • Unique Prizes: The rewards for winning or being shortlisted are substantial, ranging from cash prizes and digital & physical certificates to solo and group exhibition opportunities at art fairs around the world. Notably, the overall winner will receive gallery representation and multiple solo exhibition opportunities, both physical at our Art Fair Partners and virtual through
  • Professional Development: Beyond the prizes, this is a chance to grow as an artist. Participating in the competition offers valuable experience in presenting your work to a broader audience and engaging with the global art community.

Meet Our Amazing Partners

Discovery Art Fairs Germany

World Art Dubai

Florence Biennale

Bakerhouse Gallery

The Art Fair Guy

Ludvig Rage Club

Open to Diverse Talents

Whether you’re a painter, drawer, photographer, or mixed media artist, the International Emerging Artist Prize is looking for you. We celebrate diversity in artistic expression and encourage artists from all corners of the globe to share their unique works from the above mentioned categories.

Eligibility and Application

Emerging artists aged 18+, at any stage of their early career, are invited to apply. Whether you’re freshly graduated, self-taught, or somewhere in between, if you’re committed to pursuing a professional career in the arts, this prize is for you.

A nominal application fee of €30 allows you to submit up to 3 artworks, ensuring every artist has a fair chance to compete. This fee supports the operational costs of the competition, maintaining its integrity and the quality of submissions.

How to Apply

The application process has been designed to be as simple and inclusive as possible. To apply, visit, create your free account, add your artist profile, add your artworks and finish your application.

Join Us on This Journey

We believe in the power of art to inspire change, provoke thought, and connect cultures. The International Emerging Artist Prize is more than a competition; it’s a movement towards a more inclusive, diverse, and vibrant art world, spotlighting emerging talents from around the world.

Apply now to the International Emerging Artist Prize 2024, and take the next big step in your artistic career. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together, celebrating your talent and potential to the fullest.

For more details and to submit your application, visit

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