at the Kristian Schuller Exhibition in Austria is proud to announce its role as the official digital exhibition guide for the upcoming Kristian Schuller Grand Show at the Graz Convention Center. This unique exhibition, presented by Atelier Jungwirth in collaboration with Messe Congress Graz, features the vibrant and imaginative works of Kristian Schuller, one of the most renowned contemporary fashion photographers.

About Kristian Schuller

Born in Romania in 1970, Kristian Schuller grew up surrounded by art and culture. His father was a dramaturge and director, and his mother, an art teacher. Seeking to escape the drabness of communist life, Schuller emigrated to Germany, where he studied fashion design under Vivienne Westwood and photography with the legendary F.C. Gundlach. His work is characterized by a striking interplay of light and color, earning him a place in prestigious fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. Known for his sharp eye and dynamic compositions, Schuller gained wider fame through his appearances on Heidi Klum’s “Germany’s Next Topmodel.”

Together with his wife and creative partner Peggy Schuller, Kristian creates stunning, dreamlike scenes that blend fashion and art. Peggy’s costumes are integral to their creations, adding to the surreal and mysterious world that defines Schuller’s photography.

The Exhibition: A Feast of Color and Fantasy

Following the success of the Steve McCurry exhibitions in 2021 in Graz and 2023 in Vienna, is excited to support another major event at the Graz Convention Center. The Kristian Schuller Grand Show will occupy 2,200 m², featuring large-scale, backlit photographs in formats of 2 x 3 meters and 3 x 4.5 meters. This presentation amplifies the impact of Schuller’s images, showcasing both opulent, colorful works and more minimalist pieces from the last 20 years. Each photograph tells a vibrant, dynamic story, with recognizable subjects such as Sharon Stone, Cate Blanchett, Heidi Klum, and Penélope Cruz captured in Schuller’s distinct visual language.

Interactive Art Experience with’s innovative technology will transform how visitors interact with the exhibition. Utilizing advanced image recognition software and integrated audio guides, offers a seamless way to explore the artworks. Visitors can simply scan the art with their smartphones to access detailed information through text and/or audio and artistic insights.

A highlight of the exhibition is the audio commentary feature, where Kristian Schuller himself provides personal insights into his works. This direct connection allows visitors to delve deeper into the creative process and the stories behind the photographs, all through the convenience of their mobile devices without a download or registration.

Join Us at the Kristian Schuller Grand Show

The Kristian Schuller Grand Show in Graz is a significant milestone for, demonstrating our commitment to delivering innovative art experiences. We invite art enthusiasts to join us at the Graz Convention Center to explore this unique fusion of technology and art. Tickets are available at the box office and online at

For more details about the exhibition, visit Atelier Jungwirth’s official website.

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Experience the captivating world of Kristian Schuller and let guide you through an unforgettable artistic journey.

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