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Art galleries are evolving, and digital tools are starting to play a crucial role in transforming how they operate. Our innovative tool for Art Galleries,, offers numerous benefits for art galleries – no matter what size and focus in art. This article delves into how enhances the day-to-day operations of art galleries, making them more efficient and visitor-friendly while cutting costs.

Streamlining Operations with

Elimination of Price Tags and Lists

Gone are the days when gallery owners and staff had to painstakingly label each artwork with price tags and/or QR Codes or maintain cumbersome price lists. With, visitors of art galleries can scan artworks directly from their smartphones to get information about the artist and the artwork, including the price – without a download or registration. This digital approach eliminates the need for physical price tags and lists, saving time, printing costs and reducing the chance of errors. This also enables the gallery to easily exchange artworks within the gallery without updating price lists or price tags.

Read more about how works here: Scan Artworks to Identify them – easy with

Easy-to-Maintain Database

Maintaining an up-to-date database of artworks and artist information can be a daunting task. simplifies this process by providing a centralized platform where all relevant information is stored and easily accessible and editable. This database is not only easy to maintain but also ensures that all details are accurate and current.

Visitor Analytics

Understanding visitor behavior is key to improving their experience and enhancing gallery operations. offers insightful analytics on visitor scans, providing galleries with valuable data on which artworks and artists are most popular, the duration of visits, information about the visitor and more. This information can help galleries tailor their exhibitions and marketing strategies to better meet visitor interests.

Cost Reductions and Efficiency

Going Paperless

One of the standout features of is its ability to help galleries go paperless. By eliminating the need for printed materials such as price tags, catalogs, and information sheets, galleries can significantly reduce their costs. This shift not only cuts down on expenses but also supports environmental sustainability.

Efficient Visitor Information

During exhibition openings or busy periods, it can be challenging for gallery owners and staff to attend to all visitors personally. bridges this gap by providing visitors with immediate access to detailed information about the artworks through their smartphones. This allows visitors to get initial information independently, ensuring a smoother and more informative experience. This also reduces the inhibition threshold of visitors who may not want to engage in sales conversations right away or are afraid of asking.

Artist Submission System

Simplified Submissions offers a streamlined submission system for artists looking to showcase their work in gallery exhibitions. Galleries can invite Artists via a standardized email invitation to their exhibitions. Artists can then easily submit their artworks along with all necessary information, including audio descriptions, directly through the platform. This system significantly reduces the workload for gallery owners and staff, as they no longer need to manually input artist information or manually send emails to artists to receive information.

Enhanced Exhibition Management

With all artist and artwork details readily available on the platform, managing exhibitions becomes much more straightforward. Galleries can efficiently organize and display submitted artworks, ensuring a seamless and professional exhibition process.

Conclusion is revolutionizing the way art galleries operate, offering a suite of digital tools that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve visitor experiences. By eliminating the need for physical price tags and lists through the web application, providing an easy-to-maintain database, offering insightful visitor analytics, and streamlining artist submissions, is an invaluable asset for modern art galleries.

Embrace the future of art gallery management with and transform your gallery into a more efficient, visitor-friendly, and sustainable space.

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To make available at your exhibition or in your gallery contact us at is already in use at many galleries around the world. Read a report from the recent POP! Art Exhibition with at Bakerhouse Gallery here:

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