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Visitor Awards with

Hosting visitor awards at art exhibitions and art fairs can significantly enhance attendee engagement and create memorable experiences. offers an innovative solution to seamlessly integrate visitor awards into your exhibition, whether it’s an art fair, biennial, or gallery exhibition.

Here’s why you should consider using for visitor awards:

Boost Engagement and Participation

Visitor awards at art exhibitions incentivize attendees to actively engage with the exhibition and exhibited artworks. By voting for their favorite artworks, visitors become more involved, leading to higher satisfaction and prolonged interaction with the exhibited pieces.

Seamless Integration with makes it easy to implement visitor awards without any hassle. Our digital exhibition guide which works through a web application requires no downloads or registrations, ensuring a smooth experience for visitors. They can simply scan the artwork and cast their votes directly from their smartphones.

Collect Valuable Analytics provides detailed analytics on visitor interactions and voting/scan patterns. This data helps organizers understand visitor preferences and behavior, allowing for informed decisions to enhance future exhibitions. The insights gained can be invaluable for curating exhibits that resonate more with your audience. Read more about how your exhibition can benefit from here.

Promote Artists and Increase Visibility

Visitor Awards highlight exceptional artworks and artists, offering them recognition and increased visibility. This can lead to greater opportunities for artists and a stronger reputation for the exhibition itself. Public voting also fosters a sense of community and participation among attendees.

Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

Integrating visitor awards with opens up new avenues for sponsorships. Organizers can feature partner logos or sponsor advertisements within the interface, creating additional revenue streams. The visitor awards itself could also be sponsored by a company – for example – the XYZ Art Fair Visitor Award powered by YOUR Company. This not only supports the exhibition financially but also enhances its professional appeal.

Case Studies: Successful Visitor Awards has already successfully hosted visitor awards at prominent exhibitions and art fairs such as the Ras Al Khaimah Art Festival 2024 and the Florence Biennale in 2023 and 2021. These exhibitions and art fairs saw increased visitor engagement, increased sales and positive feedback, showcasing the effectiveness of’s visitor awards feature. The visitor awards also boost the careers of artists who receive them offering extra visibility long after the exhibition is over.


Incorporating visitor awards with into your art exhibition, art fair or art gallery can elevate the experience for both visitors and exhibiting artists. By boosting engagement, providing valuable analytics, and offering advertising opportunities, ensures a successful and memorable event with increased sales. To learn more about implementing a visitor award at your next exhibition, visit

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